Radon Testing

Testing is the only way to know if a home has an elevated level of radon.  Professional radon tests are non-invasive, quick and accurate.  

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General both recommend testing all homes below the third floor. They further recommend that if radon levels of 4 picocuries per liter or more are found that the home be fixed. 

The amount of radon in the air is measured in "picocuries per liter of air (pCi/L). Test results are also sometimes expressed in Working Levels (WL).

How Can You Find Out If You Have High Radon Levels In Your Home?

Sapper 6 is a certified professional of the National Radon Proficiency Program of the National Environmental Health Association for both the measurement and mitigation of radon.

Sapper 6 can test the radon levels in your home and water supply, and then offer you solutions to alleviate the levels that can ultimately harm your health. We just don't show you the levels, we fix them by installing state of the art solutions so you and your family will be safe and healthy in the safety of your own home.