Mold Testing

In providing our mold investigation, testing and remediation services, all samples are taken in accordance

with the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines and transferred under custody control, with associated

custody documents.  All laboratories used by Sapper 6  are American Industrial Hygiene Association

(AIHA) Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Accreditation Program (EMLAP) accredited.

How Can You Find Out If You Have High Mold Levels In Your Home?

When testing for mold, the purpose is simply to see how much airborne mold (in the form of spores) there is in the rooms of your home.  Sapper 6 professionals have a tool which can find out how much mold is in the air of your home and whether or not the level is safe. 

It is natural to have some mold in your home, so don't be surprised if the results are positive.  Mold testing is just the first step in the process of finding and identifying the mold in your home. Mold testing is very simple in that it only measures the amount of mold in the air. 

It does not locate where a colony might be. Air testing also does not identify what kind of mold you have. Sapper 6 professionals will have to test the spores to be able to tell you if you have toxic black mold in your home or less toxic green mold. 

What If The Test Results Show Mold In Your Home?

Sapper 6 can test the mold levels in your home and then offer you solutions to alleviate the levels that can ultimately harm your health. We just don't show you the levels, we fix them by installing state of the art solutions so you and your family will be safe and healthy in your own home.