Asbestos Inspection

How Can You Find Out If You Have Asbestos In Your Home?

Sapper 6 asbestos inspectors will complete an extensive review of your home in order to determine if asbestos is present.  The inspection may include:

  • visual inspection
  • evaluation/sampling of materials present
  • air and dust sampling

What Are Some Reasons To Test For Asbestos?

  • You live in a home built before the 1980s
  • You are thinking of remodeling or demolishing your home
  • You want to perform asbestos abatement or begin the removal process
  • You are looking to purchase an older home, particularly one that might need remodeling
  • Products in your older home, such as roof shingles or vinyl floor tiles, show signs of damage

What If Asbestos Is Found In Your Home?

Sapper 6 can offer you solutions to remove the asbestos in a safe manner.