Asbestos Mitigation

How Can Asbestos Be Abated In Your Home?

Sapper 6 asbestos professionals use a variety of techniques to safely mitigate the dangers of asbestos in your home.  They may include:

Abatement by removal:

asbestos-containing materials are totally removed from the building

Abatement by enclosure: 

asbestos-containing materials are enclosed with sheet-rock or plaster air tight construction. (Asbestos fibers will continue to be released behind the enclosure.)

Abatement by encapsulation: 

asbestos-containing materials be laminated or covered over with new materials or painted coatings 


the last option is to leave the asbestos-containing material in place, provided there is no evidence that asbestos fibers are being released.  This option requires periodic inspection to assess the condition of the material and its potential for erosion or disturbance.