Sapper 6 professionals have decades of experience in the Federal and private market sector in: 

  • Construction/Construction Management
  • Sustainment Restoration, and Modernization
  • Cost Development and Cost Estimating

Sapper 6 professionals include effective Program managers of construction for large and small businesses including Child Youth Centers; Military Construction Army Reserve Headquarters (a $700 million program); Environmental Compliance at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico; GSA Environmental Schedule; and the AFCEE Mentor-Protégé Program.

Our project managers are experienced in the demolition of structures; maintenance and repair of facilities (Roosevelt Roads Navy Base, Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico and Fort Belvoir, Virginia); road construction (Camp Shelby, Mississippi); infiltration and inflow study (Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina); storm water pollution prevention plan development and site survey; storm drain repair (Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia); SCIF construction oversight (Fort Meade, Maryland).