Sapper 6 

professionals have decades of experience in the Federal and private market sector in:

  • Environmental Testing and Investigations
  • Environmental Remediation‚Äč
  • Mold Investigation and Remediation
  • Asbestos and Lead Investigation
  • Radon Investigation and Remediation

Company professionals bring diverse experience and consist of program/project managers, environmental geologists, construction superintendents, business development specialists, nurses/healthcare professionals, and specialty licensed professionals (lead, asbestos, and mold). 

Key personnel are AHERA-certified Asbestos Inspectors, Asbestos Management Planners, and Asbestos Project Designers as well as Building Inspectors (commercial and residential) for roof inspections. Mold inspections and remediation by certified Mold Inspectors and industry proven techniques.

Current certifications include:

  • National Radon Proficiency Program Residential Mitigation Provider
  • International Association of Certified Home Inspectors 

In providing our mold investigation and remediation services, all samples are taken in accordance with the EPA and NEHA-NRPP guidelines and transferred under custody control, with associated custody documents.

All laboratories used by Sapper 6 are American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Association Program (EMLAP) accredited.